Our Services

The MineSense Services group focuses on 3 main areas of service delivery to the industry:

Laboratory Services

MineSense has a fully-equipped mineral processing laboratory located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company offers a key suite of laboratory services focused on mineral sample evaluation for waste rejection & ore recovery by sensor-based methods. Test programmes offered include:

  • standard amenability tests which examine ores on a particle-by particle basis to develop grade distribution data, ideal grade/recovery curves and sensor calibration data for sensor based sorting
  • bulk amenability tests examine ores to assess discrimination between ore and waste, and between ore types on a batch basis. Approaches consider semi-bulk, bulk, and batch bulk sorting methods
  • Techniques deployed include electromagnetic methods for conductive/magnetic ore types, X-ray fluorescence for oxides and sulphides of base- and precious metals, as well as laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for light elements and gangue mineralogy
  • All tests are supported by independent 3rd party assay through our partner ALS Chemex.

Professional Services

The economics of a MineSense deployment at a customer mine site can be measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Payback is measured in months, rather than years. Professional services relating to a potential Solution deployment comprise value-added economic case studies, heterogeneity analyses, and Solution design:

  • Economic case studies considering the application of MineSense Solutions at customer sites can be undertaken. Bespoke in-house techno-economic evaluation tools Pre-CalculatOre and VIASIMĀ® consider the revenue and cost impacts of a particular customer application. Using these tools and/or customer data and models, economic impacts at a project or operation deploying MineSense Technologies can be assessed.
  • Heterogeneity Analyses: evidence of ore/waste heterogeneity is masked by common orebody modelling and mine planning practices involving geostatistics and block modelling. Customers are therefore often unaware of heterogeneity present within their orebodies which can be exploited to recover ore from waste or alternately reject waste from ore within blocks in the model. Heterogeneity analysis quickly focuses on marginal blocks within a model, and unpacks the geological data to reveal and quantify previously unrecognized ore recovery or waste rejection potential in this material.
  • Solution Design: MineSense is currently focussed on the deployment of ShovelSense and SortOre products in pilots and trials. Each successful product trial ideally leads to a complete Solution sale. MineSense offers customers professional services including flowsheet development, mass flow diagrams, cost estimation etc. in support of pre-feasibility or feasibility-level engineering studies considering deployment of a full-scale Solution.

Field Services

MineSense offers field services in support of its products. Field services comprise two main areas of delivery:

  • Pilots: delivery, installation, commissioning and operation of pilots or trials for up to 3 months at a customer site.
  • Product support: ongoing support of products at customer sites including remote monitoring and support, software and hardware upgrades, on-site maintenance and change-out services.