Our Products

Our core technology is a fast, scalable, robust mineral sensing platform providing real time, online measurement and reporting of ore/waste content to a variety of customers. Sensing products are integrated into two distinct product lines: Shovel-based systems and Belt-based systems. Mineral telemetry is delivered internally to the ore diversion system if a belt-based system, or to shovel- and truck operators via the ore control and fleet management system in the case of Shovel-based systems. Comprehensively deployed, MineSense products combine to form the MineSense Solution for bulk ore recovery and/or waste rejection in large-scale base- and precious metal mines.

The sensor suite inside all of our products comprises High Frequency ElectroMagnetic Spectroscopy (HFEMS) and High Speed X-Ray Fluorescent (HSXRF) technologies combined with laser telemetry to measure and report ore grade in real-time. Sensors deliver data in arbitrary digital format to a number of customers including decision support systems such as grade control and ore routing systems, or alternately large scale material handling systems which divert ore and waste in real time to the appropriate destination.
HFEMS is a penetrating field technology therefore giving volumetric grade measurement specifically in conductive, magnetic or paramagnetic ore types. The technology is robust (>12g rating), fast (~1ms), and flexible, with multi-channel and extended range options available for Run-of-Mine (ROM) applications. HSXRF is an adaptation of X-ray fluorescent spectrometry used for the elemental analysis of base- and precious metals in Run-of-Mine materials. The technology has been developed to be fast (~80ms), robust (>12g rating), flexible and scalable, with multiple channels and extended range of up to 1000mm suitable for ROM applications.

Shovel-based systems


ShovelSense FELShovelSense is a real-time mineral telemetry and decision support system for surface or underground applications. It is a retrofit package installed in the dipper of surface shovels or into the scoop of underground machines such as scooptrams or LHD’s. The ShovelSense platform is used for:

  • Measurement of ore quality while material is being scooped into the dipper
  • Reporting of ore quality and type to the grade control/ore routing system
  • Real-time, online decision support for ore/waste dispatch decisions

ShovelSense systems interface with three key components of the production system:

  1. Data from the short range mine plan is read and results from telemetry are compared to the plan and updated where necessary;
  2. Real time ore quality readings are taken local to the shovel, and transmitted over industrial Wi-Fi or 3G to a variety of customers including the ore control system; and
  3. Results of the grade measurement are compared to the Plan. Where existing dispatch instructions are correct these are simply confirmed. Where existing dispatch instructions are not correct these are updated and communicated to shovel/truck and belt operators in real time.

The system delivers effective bulk sorting capability for low-grade base- and precious metal applications at effectively zero cost.

Additional modalities are under development, such as tramp metal/missing tooth detection, integration of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for refractory applications, hyper spectral techniques for clay and mineral alteration detection.

Belt-based systems


The SortOre system fuses high-speed multi-modal, multi-channel sensing (HFEMS + HSXRF + laser) outputs to characterize conveyed ore and waste in real time. Communicating to a high-speed multi-channel electromechanical diversion system, ore can be diverted in bulk (i.e., all diverters acting in concert), semi-bulk (i.e., single diverter channel acting) or by-particle (diverters act with 25ms response time) to dispatch rocks in the ore stream to correct destinations based on sensor responses.

MineSense believes that its proprietary electromechanical diversion systems offer lower cost and more effective diversion of coarse minerals than alternative air-based systems. Pilot units operating at 20tph are commercially available, however designs for scaled systems of up to 2000 tph are in development. SortOre™ logically combines with ShovelSense™ systems to provide a second stage of ore recovery or waste rejection at an even finer resolution. Core applications are in nickel, copper and other base metal sulphides, and oxides such as iron ore, manganese and chromite. Precious metal applications, specifically in platinum, gold and rare earth metals, are under development.


BeltSense™ is a sensing-only version of the SortOre system. Incorporating multiple channels of HFEMS and HSXRF with laser height telemetry for particle size compensation, and operating at extended range of up to 500mm from datum, BeltSense systems the grade of base- and precious metal ores fast and report this grade to a variety of customers including mine dispatch and the process control system. Used in conjunction with a weightometer, total ore value (Wt%) can also be reported. Instantaneous or aggregate data on ore grade is passed to the mill via TCP/IP for use as a process control variable. Use of this data can improve metal recoveries and reduce reagent consumption in the mill.