Maximise Resource extraction and metal recovery

Maximise Resource extraction and metal recovery

MineSense Proprietary ground-penetrating sensor technology integrates with mining material handling equipment

MineSense Provides a proven platform for the sensing and sorting of low-grade ore to a precision level unprecedented in the industry

The MineSense Solution massively enhances the efficiency of mining processes and reduces environmental impacts

The MineSense Solution can provide up to 20% margin enhancement

Who We Are

MineSenseā„¢ Technologies Ltd. is a technology development company with a passion for enhancing the sustainability of mining by improving the ore extraction and metal recovery process

The Challenges of Mining

Low-grade ores are typically uneconomic to mine, but may become profitable with the addition of pre-concentration technology

Innovative Solutions

MineSense shovel and belt-based solutions improve the economics of mining low grade ores by maximizing resource conversion and metal recovery